sublime nature

sublime nature

sublime nature

As I look around me, I am in awe at the beauty of the majestic mountains touching the clouds with their snowy peaks… in awe at the rolling hills so beautifully adorned in neat rows of grape plantations… in awe at the clusters of small villages with apricot colour rooftops so close and intimate completing the picturesque scenery of sublime nature…

What can I say? Words cannot explain the magnificent, heart-stopping and quiet moment… other than a state of gratitude, and admiration and praise towards my Creator and at the works of His hands…!

Gratitude for making all this for me to relish! Admiration for all of the little yet charming details of this living and exquisite work of art! Praise to my mighty God who can make all of this beauty out of nothing and for a nothing like me…!

Now I call this love in its most delicate and pictorial form… We are surrounded by God’s work of art everywhere… we need only to notice it, see and feel the beauty of it, and thank and praise Him for it…

Look at the deep blue in the Gentiana wildflowers, at the green meadows spotted with yellow dandelions, the rushing stream of a clear brook, the cheremul birds singing in the trees, the wind sweeping through your hair, playful children laughing, red juicy cherries dangling from the tree, deers resting in the meadows, millions of sparkling stars hanging under the black night sky, the sun peaking with its warm and golden rays through robust branches… Oh and the list is literally endless because the Creator of it all is unlimited in His artistic ability and might!

And because He made it all for me, I cannot be ignorant because I have the eyes to see it, and hands to touch it, and senses to feel it and smell it every day in one way or another.

Getting in touch with nature that was given to me to revel in is the most beautiful thing. And seeing the pure joy on my children’s faces whenever we spend time in nature is plain proof that this vast nature is a God-given gift that can intoxicate us with its beauty and peace while getting to know our mighty God and His mighty works!

The snapshots from the past 2 days are just a few from my most recent collection, but they will never fully portray the real beauty that my eyes have seen and hands have touched…

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