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Give it all to Him

Give it all to Him

Give it all to Him

I admit that I am one of those moms who tend to worry about now, about today, and about tomorrow. I like to have everything in order, or at least most of it. I like to have a to-do list… not that I can actually accomplish everything that is on it in one single day… but my head and thoughts are swimming with chores, plans, appointments, worries….. and so freeing my head is good… using the pen and paper and jotting down what needs to be done…

But the problem sometimes is when as I free my head I also refill it with worries, thoughts, and we’re back to square one: I worry again about my kids, their school, my job, my family’s future, our new life as we are currently settling down in Europe…. Let me tell you, it’s quite a change from the 20-year-something Canadian lifestyle that my kids were born into and raised…. But we are also very excited and grateful for this opportunity ❤️ I grew up in Europe so life here is not new to me, nor my stonemason 😁 but it is for our kids: new language, new school, new friends, new church, new everything! So right now my children tend to climb up at the top of my worry list…!

        As my thoughts go wild and out of control, I cry out to my Heavenly Father and pour it all out at His feet! I cannot carry all of these burdens on my own but I know *theoretically* that He can… and then I must believe that! This is where faith comes in… Believing in my Father, just as my children believe in their dad and their mom to want only what is best for them!
Did you know that our little yet vital organ, called brain:
📍processes over 60,000 thoughts DAILY?!
📍that 90% of these thoughts are the same thoughts we had yesterday and the day before?!
📍and that 80% of our thoughts are negative, not positive?!
        So when our mind is drowned in worrisome thoughts, negative thoughts, or stuck in the past which cannot be changed, or nervous of an uncertain future that we most of the times have no control over (only in part), these thoughts will only make us sick… as in physically and emotionally sick.
So what’s there to do? I mean is there a solution? Medication won’t fix your problems.
That’s when you can decide to make a mental and heartfelt realization that as a child needs his/her mom and dad, you also need someone bigger than you: your Heavenly Daddy.

☀️Before you face the world, you must face your Father ☀️

        In the early minutes of my morning, as sleepy as I am, with the pillow-wrinkle on my cheek, my hair sticking out in different directions, and my brain craving for coffee… I make a decision to just talk to God – my Father who is waiting for me to come to Him.. I talk plainly with Him as I would with my dad, nothing fancy… He wants honesty not a mask. I tell Him my worries and my plans for the day, and I ask for His help and guidance because He is just so awesome and so great. Even if I am surrounded by people watching my next move, even if the world spins wildly out of control, even if the sun is not spilling its rays this morning, and even if anything else might darken my day, I decide to marvel at my Father’s greatness… I let my heart open up to receive Him, His help, His okay, and His love for me.

🌸 I let faith sneak in while despair drifts away 🌸

        I know that the world might not change.. it is still very messy and noisy, and crowded with heartbreakers, and with needs… but, something else will change, and that something is ME! I now have peace in my heart and mind instead of despair.
        As I hand my burdens and my worries over to my Daddy and let Him guide me as it is too much for me to carry, He gives me peace and guidance. I have faith in Him and His plan for my life and for my family. As impossible as it may sound, it is one miraculous feeling and a freedom I cannot explain…
        Since I am only Human and my Daddy is one Great and Awesome God, my being needs Him!  I can lift my head up and smile as I go about my day, knowing that my Daddy will look after my family and after our needs.
        Just bring it all to Him… He’s never too busy, too tired, too distracted like most of us parents sometimes are (let’s admit it), but He is waiting for us to just come to Him.. Joshua 1:9 is my favourite verse, my motto! ❤️ These golden words are my Daddy’s answer (literally, no kidding) when I come worriedly to Him.
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