Christmas: Most wonderful time of year

Christmas: Most wonderful time of year

Christmas: Most wonderful time of year

Aaah I just love Christmas and everything about it!!! It reminds me of all the beauty that awaits us as we celebrate our King’s birth! The sparkle and festivity of Christmas is just a glimpse of what is to come when we meet our loving King in His glorious heaven which He prepares for us!

I am not in the middle of decorating (I love hues of gold and white… I guess the longing for heaven is in colours too 😁), sipping hot coffee and warming my heart with some lovely Christmas melodies… So thankful for this all and I just can’t wait to see my kids’ happy red-cheeked faces when they walk in the door and they see that we are indeed getting closer to Christmas… the most wonderful time of year! But we need to make sure we fall in love with our Jesus year-round and at Christmas time we celebrate in His remembrance that He left His glorious heaven for me and you… We celebrate because He has given us the most wonderful gift of all: Himself! ❤️ And we give because we have been given so much more than we deserve. If we need some reminding we should make time to watch the Nativity Story.

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