9 quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy moms and kids

9 quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy moms and kids

9 quick and healthy breakfast ideas for busy moms and kids

I don’t know how your mornings are at your house, but here they are a little hectic sometimes. You know… school lunches to make (which they are now totally prepped and ready to go the night before around here or else it gets too crazy and I hate it), tummies to feed, coffee to brew for a happy mamma, time for devotional…  To kick-start the day on the right foot and keep myself energized I often aim for protein-packed breakfasts. They keep our hunger at bay longer, they are healthier and nourishing to the famished bodies after a night-long sleep… and so much better than the empty-calorie-sugar-filled cereal (lacking nutrients, causing an immediate spike in sugar, a boost of energy and then an energy crash). Don’t get m wrong. We do eat cereal too.. We are not that perfect (haha! yeah right) and I have the boxed cereal handy for, you know, those mornings when I press the snooze button a tad too often, or when I am not feeling well, or when I am in the mood for a “sweet treat” or just for something quick when I run around like a headless chicken, sprint and dash out of the house with my usual low blood pressure up to the roof… Yeah, forget about the protein-rich breakfasts then… So yes, we do eat cereal too… but not on a daily basis.

Here is a list of our family’s top 10 quick and healthy breakfast ideas that moms and kids might enjoy during those busy before-school mornings. I finish off with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. So yummy and refreshing… Kids love it, and so do I… We get 1.5 orange per glass, and I have to make sure all 3 of my dear children get equal amounts, not more nor less; or else the bickering about fairness begins… haha!)

1. Crepes. Okay this makes the top of the list just because they are so delicious and because my recipe is packed with calcium (milk), carbs (flour for energy) and protein (eggs for sustained energy). Check out my crepe recipe here.

2. Smoothies. It seems like a lot of work, but it isn’t really if you think about it. Throw into your blender some milk products (milk, yogurt, kefir, or almond milk), some nut butter (if no nut allergies for an extra protein boost), a large scoop/handful of frozen fruit and blitz away for 1 minute. This takes literally 5 minutes to make! Quicker than going all the way to a drive-thru, waiting in line, and spending your money on junk. My favourite smoothie of all time is Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie, recipe by Katherine McCord. I own her delicious looking Wheelicious book (that’s where I discovered this smoothie that tastes more like a treat than simply “healthy”), but I also found it on her site! Make it, you’ll love it! The only thing I do different is that I use whole milk instead of almond milk. (drooling here)

3. Oatmeal (aka porridge 😁.. my kids do not like that term as they associate it with “mush”, I love it though… it sounds like yummy, warm, and comforting taste of home). I make either the instant oats, rolled oats, or the steel cut ones… from quickest method to the longer softer boil – depending on the kind of morning. My usual is rolled oats, and I always simmer the oats in milk, not water, for extra nutrients. I top the PORRIDGE up with maple syrup for the kids, and add coconut oil, walnuts and raisins to mine. There are so many options… and keep in mind that oatmeal is ample rich in nutrients and antioxidants which makes it an exceptional breakfast to start the day right!

4. Eggs are part of our regular and preferred breakfasts as well, and I am so glad the kids learned to actually love their eggs because they are packed with protein so I know they are getting their nutrients from a natural, not factory machine-made fake food source. All 3 boys (husband and 2 sons) like them fried, Miriam and I like them scrambled! Love them… I add ham, avocado, some diced onions and they are divine… Now my youngest boy saw Miriam and myself this morning at breakfast  devouring out scrambled eggs and took both my plate and Miriam’s and guzzled it down in 2 minutes! He had it for dinner too… (oh my!) He loves eggs, period! But now he fancies them in omelette form and won’t stop eating them! Gotta buy another dozen tomorrow!!

5. Plain old bread with butter and jam/fruit preserves and cold/warm glass of milk. This is so typical European… and soooo good on plain French bread or baguette. Carbs and protein in one seating, and as simple as that!

6. Homemade muffins made the day before of course, not the morning of!!!! That would be a bit much.. My kids like zucchini muffins with a mug of milk. They literally fight over them even though there are plenty left after their bellies are full! Gotta love them funny little creatures of mine ❤️ when it comes to food they go wild for!! You can have the recipe for the zucchini-chocolate chip muffins which I have been using for years here. (I omit the chocolate chips, kids don’t like them in muffins, I add 1-2 shredded apple for moisture, and a little more vanilla extract)

7. Greek yogurt with granola and fruit. It is healthy and filling, we all love it and tastes more like a treat, so it is a win-win for this momma!

8. Pumpkin granola yogurt parfait! Okay, so this does sound a little too tempting, and that is exactly what it is, plain delicious but healthy too. So who can say no that (unless you are not very fond of pumpkin). Here is the recipe.

9. Toast with cream cheese. The flavour variety is quite vast if the kids like cream cheese. Only my oldest daughter gobbles it down like it’s chocolate or something, so there goes her whole wheat carbs intake topped with protein and calcium. A glass of apple cider and she is ready for the day, or night!

“If you think the rest of the world is just sucking down cigs and croissants for breakfast, you’re sadly mistaken.” Check out a post here regarding this statement and fact (you’ll be in shock! Nr. 1 is the usual breakfast in my parents’ home), and start feeding the nutrient-deprived bodies some wholesome food. We are blessed to have access to it and afford it, but we are often not in the mood to make it because it is too much work and prefer to sniff down a croissant that is full of hydrogenated-artery-clogging fat instead. Think again and enjoy some real, wholesome, tasty, filling and comforting food for the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

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