beautiful september saturday with my lively family

beautiful september saturday with my lively family

beautiful september saturday with my lively family

We just love love love driving around on country roads, admiring the beauty of God’s creation! The still green of the majestic maples in their fullness, the hundreds of tiny white butterflies fluttering their wings on top of the crops that are almost ready for harvest, the children dancing and laughing in their front yards, the endless blue sky with patched with fluffy white puffs of clouds… And I keep reminding our kids during these close to home road trips (we live in the country really)… “Who made all of this for us?” and they all yell it out in awe and admiration as they notice everything I point to them “GOD!!” I love it… Simple things we tend to overlook but so majestic when we only look!!!

And then I ask myself… How can I ignore to thank God for all of this? For my kids? For my man? For the sunshine in the cool September breeze? For His majestic nature? For ice cream and banana splits? For the car that takes us wherever our hearts wishes? For Avondale Dairy Bar? For this physical yet holy journey of motherhood? For the fact that I am just so simply and yet so wholly blessed! ❤️

My gratitude journal keeps filling up and so does the joy in my heart and in my family… if we only recognize our God-sent gifts ☀️ and give Him thanks!

What can you give thanks for today?

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