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Why Should We Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries? Here is to our 16th!!!

Why Should We Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries? Here is to our 16th!!!

Why Should We Celebrate Wedding Anniversaries? Here is to our 16th!!!

Today I am the lucky girl (in reality: blessed) to spend the whole day with the most beautiful man I married 16 years ago – my best friend, my confidant, my one and only ❤

I had one busy shift yesterday, but at least it flew by fast, and so my kids spent the day at my mom’s, and for the entire weekend, and so we got to grab some yummy takeout sushi and pizza, and hang out, then read in peace after one busy work day…

TODAY though………. on our 16th wedding anniversary💍🎊 I got to spend the entire day with the man of my life and it is just so refreshing and so needed to a marriage to spend some time alone, to reconnect and reminiscence our life together.

We woke up, went out for some warm scones and coffee at a Starbucks patio nearby, then I was treated with a manicure and pedicure (my hubby not daring to enter that place HAHA!! and waiting out in the front the entire hour without complaining, then marvelling at my feet.. 😜 oh and hands) then we took off on a 1-hour-and-something long drive through the beautiful country side all the way to Niagara-on-the-Lake!

☔ We took out our umbrella out and walked arm in arm, and giggled in the rain! ☔ Then we were so famished that we stopped at this fancy place with a covered patio to eat for 2 hours and with our bellies FULL we walked some more, did some window shopping, talked and talked and talked WITHOUT being interrupted by kids, tasks, spills, fights, or boo boo’s. We were reminiscing beautiful memories from the time we first dated 💋 to our wedding 💋 to our kids 😍 to the truly hilarious things that they do every day! It just is so plain, and nice and simple and amazing at the same time to look at these past 16 (well 17) years together! We love each other more and more; and, no, our marriage does not get boring only if we allow it!

We all enjoy preparing for the Big Day more than ever, grooming ourselves, spending time and energy and money, and by each passing year it can become just a plain memory… We should invest our time and ourselves in our anniversaries too each year to continue to make that special day still special, because it is!

Now, don’t get me wrong. That does not mean that we have to ignore each other and holler at each other the rest of the other days, because that whole idea of celebrating the anniversary is pathetic and by the time the anniversary day comes you might get to actually hate your spouse more than ever instead of loving him/her even more. When each of us invests in the relationship (along the way of course, not just on one occasion), that relationship will only grow and flourish into something more beautiful and deep. When we tend to it, it will grow. Yes, of course there will be arguments along the way since we still are different people, but the love between the two will prevail if we show/give love more than we love our egos (which I shyly admit that I tend to love sometimes).

Now, we don’t get to have a day off on our every single anniversary… you know it isn’t that easy when having 3 children, a house to tend to, jobs, and other responsibilities. But…. we still try to make that day special… by celebrating our big day as a family, putting the kids to bed early that day so we can do whatever we want: enjoy dinner in two at candlelight, soft music; bubble bath for two 😜; watch movies, eat junk, get silly, giggle or whatever… The list can be endless! Our next one is go horseback riding at a local farm 😃

We need to allow our young silly self to live inside of us and remembering how we fell in love and what brought us together… We need to relive those moments which are what brought us together in the very first place.

Happy Anniversary to my man and his queen! (he does call me that so it is not a lie😋)

Sneak peek in our honeymoon 😍 ✈
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