Our home

Our home

Our home

Hello friends!!!

Long time no see…! I know… and I have been asked about new posts… But I have been so busy during the past few weeks with my kids, summer and sports activities, stomach flu, decluttering my home, finishing my basement, putting the house up for sale. Ahem… Yup, that too…

So yeah, it has been quite a bustle.. I took some days off, to breathe, to sleep in, and to eat whatever I pleased, and oh yeah, to do the house showings 😊  while my sweet husband and kiddos spent the past few days in Chicago for Canada Day with his brother’s family! Ironic to be in the States for Canada Day, I know…. But let’s just say, it’s our yearly tradition this time of year… and it is real fun!

Okay, so now that summer is here, school is out, no more school lunches and my family is on its way back home… we are ready to embrace this season to whatever God may bring… We have spent our last 6 years in this home, but I now have the assurance that God has something else prepared for us, and it is now time to let go of this house, and embrace what He has in store for us. And I will surely keep you updated, as time allows (now that school is out and all 3 kids are home).

I have been asked long before, and so here are some pictures of our home we have been blessed with, updated, loved, made unforgettable memories and lived in for the past 6 years.  Rodica, this one is for you 🌺

The clearer and more realistic pictures are mine, the rest (elongated, blurry and whatever are the realtor’s)… I like mine best! 🙃 How modest of me.

The kitchen (where most of our life happenings are spent). Am I a good photographer or what?!

Our living room where the kiddos like to hang out while mommy cooks something yummy (which is quite often)Where family hangs out, friends come for some good ol’ times, and laughter and coffee are being served!

Dinner table… and place of laughter, arguments, story telling, and dream sharing…Our bedroom, which is much more serene than in this picture, but anyway… It’ll do.

And here it is NOW while I am writing this blog posting and reading, and journaling and having crackers and cheese… 🤓 waiting for my tribe to arrive! And ya know… umm, my fragrance collection… I could NOT leave these out… Yup, I have my little obsessions… which leak out sometimes (such as now).

And our coral from our honeymoon back in Croatia… ❤️ 2001 ❤️

Miriam’s room… her handmade duvet cover (which costed more than any one you could buy in a store! We are talking hundreds, but I am glad she LOVES it. I do too!)

And of course, the boys’ cave! Full of life, noise, laughter and snuggles… before finally asleep… 😊One of the bathrooms… The first two pictures are cleared because I took them… But, yes this was a huge change from what it was before!

The family rec room, where we enjoy our family movie nights, and mom-and-dad-only movie nights 😜 and our enormous collection of books is located, among other places 😊

Yes, I love my books, and cannot find enough shelving for it, so I have more built-in shelves in other rooms 😜 📖 🤓

The back patio, where family dinners and lunches are served, and morning coffees sipped, and ice cold lemonades are guzzled, and family parties and gatherings take place!

How could I leave the planters out… I could never do that… And the wooden one (among many other ones that my crafty hubby built)… Yes, I have a green thumb if you didn’t know it already 🌺… I love plants and flowers, and perfume too!! 😜


Where we make our juicy stakes and sausages!!!! And bon fires, of course 😊Our vegetable garden with yearly bountiful harvest! My dear husband did this for us, with stone all around to keep feet mud-free ❤️And I am getting a little dizzy already from so many pictures, so I leave out the lower basement for now. But all in all we thank God for helping is and making this house our home for the past few years, even though we had so many good times and some difficult times along the way too, we always look up to where our help comes from, and we count our blessings. Everything we have and own are from Him.

And my motto, which always appears right in front of me and sometimes right under my nose (and I am very serious and literal about it), when I am really uncertain of what to do or crazy worried – such as when we decided to sell our house, is as follows:

Joshua 1:9

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

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