❤️ How to live a peaceful life in a hectic, stressful and degrading world ❤️

❤️ How to live a peaceful life in a hectic, stressful and degrading world ❤️

❤️ How to live a peaceful life in a hectic, stressful and degrading world  ❤️

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This weekend I had such a wonderful time of fellowship at a Christian women’s conference at the local church here in Grimsby (Lakemount Worship Centre). It’s been such an uplifting and refreshing experience to my soul! God spoke to me in specific areas of my life and He has also given me an answer to my prayer. After months of praying, I received such a clear answer that it literally made me weep and sob in awe. I was just so shocked and overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised, that God spoke through a godly woman who had no idea about my prayers and a clear need for an answer, that I was just in awe at how very direct and clear He can actually be when call upon Him and wait for His answer and direction! We just have to be STILL and KNOW that He is God!

Now that I shared with you how happy I am that God answered my prayer I am ready to also bring a word of encouragement to you. Right now, as I listen to one of my favourite singers (Kari Jobe), God has put a message of encouragement on my heart to share with other moms who struggle with personal decisions, or with day to day problems, and even with failures as mothers. We all go through those valleys, and through different seasons in life. And I realize that because of the business of our schedules, we can sometimes get so frustrated with life, and with our problems. We also are sinners and have our faults. And we may feel like we are so far from God’s heart that we can’t even open up to Him to talk to him about our problems.

But, God looks at us through a very different lens than ours. He surely knows all of our faults and our problems, and He knows us better than anyone, and even better than we know ourselves! But we also know that God created you and me carefully, wonderfully, fearfully and purposely into our mother’s womb.

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For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:13-14

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Wow how beautiful that sounds!! And not only that, but God also does so much more than beautifully creating us…

He calls us His FRIEND!!! (John 15:15)

We are His BELOVED!!! (Romans 9:25)

We are FORGIVEN!!! (Hebrews 10:17)

God has ACCEPTED us and will NEVER reject us!!! (Ephesians 2:6)

God knows all too well that we not perfect. After all, He made us!  But in the light of our entire life scheme, He thinks that you are awesome! He created you and everything He created is good: including you! (Genesis 1:31)

Because we are humans living in an imperfect and sinful world, we will always need Jesus. And that is the beauty of our Christian faith: knowing that we always have a Friend to come to, and to whom we can pour out without fear and without rejection all of our worries, our problems, our sins, our losses, our tragedies and our failures! He wants us to bring it all to him, and to leave everything at His feet so that He can lift us up and heal us. Jesus wants to show you that even in the midst of our storms, even when everything around us seems to crumble down, He is with us!  He allows problems to come in our way so that we may seek Him. If we lived in a perfect world, we would not look for God’s help, but we were created by Him and for Him so that we may need Him and glorify Him through the victory that He gives us!

He will never leave us, if we only let Him into our life, and let Him take over our problems! We like to be in control of everything. We love to have everything planned and plotted out into our schedules. But guess what? God may not want to follow your schedule.  God wants to be a part of it, be a part of your life, and lead it. He wants to lead you to a better place. When we allow Him into our lives, into our busy schedules, into our problems, then we will see change. We will see His plan for our lives unfold according to His purpose and in ways we never thought of. Because that is how God is: full of surprises! He is the Creator. He is the Artist of this beautiful nature and world, so He can obviously be very creative in the ways He can unfold our lives in our various circumstances.

After you let Jesus in your heart, you will get to know Him and his abundant peace and joy which you can only receive through His love, grace and forgiveness! You will fall in love with your Saviour and will want more of Him!

                    🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿

As I pour out my heart out here, I am listening to a song that is very, very dear to my heart “Keeper of my Heart” by Kari Jobe, that is still playing on repeat, because I love the song and the words so so much 😊  Jesus will forever be the keeper of my heart, and I know that He keeps me and my little family in the palm of His hand (even when it gets stormy sometimes)! I do not know what the future brings, but I do ask Him for guidance and direction. I pray that you will also get to know and grow in Jesus more and more to be able to partake of His bountiful freedom, peace and joy that only He can give.  I pray that He heals your heart and gives you direction and wisdom in this journey of motherhood and in your every day life.  And I pray that you allow Him to become the keeper of your heart as well ❤️ and with His help and wisdom and guidance to become a strong mamma for your beautiful children!  🌸 🌿 🌸 🌿

Psalm 34:8 ~ Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!

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