A Mother’s Love ~ Tribute for all mothers ~ (4) My Angel is My Mother

A Mother’s Love ~ Tribute for all mothers ~ (4) My Angel is My Mother

A Mother’s Love ~ Tribute for all mothers ~ (4) My Angel is My Mother

Our mission of motherhood is one that can have great impact on the lives of our little (or older) children. The time we live in is not the same as when we were young. Our children are  inevitably born into a rushed, vulgar and ill-mannered world. What is even worse is that they don’t know any better: they don’t know of the better times, of a courteous, well-mannered and moral society; of the beauty of childhood adventurous freedom we had the chance to enjoy. So what are we mothers to do to ensure that their little hearts and minds are not overwhelmed with the agitated way of life we all live in?

Some important things we can work on which can be both constructive and beneficial to the mental and emotional health and development of our children are:

  1. Create a space of peace for our children. Our homes should be a sanctuary where our kids can fit in, feel welcomed, loved, appreciated, guided and constructively and lovingly disciplined.
  2. Make time to listen to their problems, ideas or their stories. This makes them feel like they are worth your time and they feel loved and important in his/her parents’ life.
  3. Make time to talk about their worries, and to answer their difficult questions.
  4. Equip ourselves to prepare our children for the reality of the disappointment which comes from a broken and harsh world. We will not be able to screen our children from the corruption or foolishness of people coming in their way, but we can guide them and teach them of God’s grace and salvation.
  5. Seek to strengthen our marriages. This will reflect on our children’s state of happiness as they feel safe in a family where grace, forgiveness and love is portrayed by example instead of by preaching.
  6. Have family dinners every single night, if possible. That is where true family dynamics develop – around the dinner table. That is where talks, arguments, laughter, comfort and encouragement take place.
  7. Read easy to understand books that build on child’s faith and that can help to answer issues that our children come across with in this time and age. We like to read this book every morning before school.
  8. Slow down to reconnect and to enjoy the simplest things: snuggle, smell the flowers, gaze at the stars, have picnics, go hiking, and dream together.

My Angel Is My Mother

                    by Breana D. Greathouse

My angel is a woman who walks upon the earth,
she shows me my potential and all that I am worth.
When I am sick she heals me and makes me feel all-better,
and makes sure that in times of need that we are all together.
When we get into all kinds of fusses in our life,
my angel comes out strong as a mother and a wife.
My angel has raised me to be good and kind,
and makes sure that I have a strong and intelligent mind,
my angel is my guardian.
my teacher and my friend,
but most of all my mother till the very end.

Oh how I love this poem!!! Motherhood is both the most difficult and most rewarding journey and calling.  And when you watch your children thrive, it is worth every effort! Our role and calling as a mother is so significant, that we may only see in time the huge impact we have on our children!!! Let that be a positive one, so we can build strong men and women, and even great leaders! Everything you do is so worthwhile! Stay strong and courageous, mama! 💛❣️

Do you have any other ideas or things you practice that help your children thrive, and that help to build your happy home?  Please comment in the section below so we can all learn together.

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