last day of basketball games… 🏀

last day of basketball games… 🏀

last day of basketball games… 🏀

Wow, what a busy season we had these past few weeks! Both Miriam and Jason play basketball outside of school, where they seem more confident. Miriam played in the school basketball team as well again this year; and what has really made me happy is to see how her entire school basketball team has picked up and grown in the past few weeks!! It’s been so exciting, fun, loud, exhilarating, sometimes straight downhearted, but mostly pure glee to see these girls score, and win games all the way to the finals! It’s been sooo wonderful to watch them play against other schools not only because they actually played well, but also because it has been 2 years since they have not won any single game…! And so one can only imagine the pure joy on these girls’ faces and the courage they’ve built the more baskets they got, and the more games they won this year! Such sweet moments and lots of perseverance that was learned in the process by just: NOT GIVING UP! 🏀

These girls started off playing basketball games all shy and actually verbally apologizing to the opposing team players during games every time they touched them, and so losing the first few games… THEN, once they started scoring… boy oh boy, they just didn’t give up! They built confidence, grew stronger, and became more driven to win! And they sure did! They ended up all the way to the finals!! So so proud of this group of girls!! Great team work and GREAT GAMES!!! 🏀 (and lots of loud cheering from this crazy momma!) Nothing competitive, just pure FUN!

I am also happy to see Miriam and Jason growing and thriving while being a part of teams.  And that’s what life is all about… not just being all on your own all the time, independent and lonely.  But to be a part of something bigger, a team player, a helper and a friend! To laugh together and sometimes to lean on one another.

So as this busy season of basketball games and weekend practices end now for Miriam and Jason… a new one begins in just a few weeks (!) SOCCER for my boys, and GYMNASTICS for my girl! Wohoo! Need to get my snack bag, lawn chair and sunglasses ready to enjoy watching my kids get physically active!! ⚽️ 🍎 🕶

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