made a moist and delicious DATE LOAF with my boy 💙

made a moist and delicious DATE LOAF with my boy 💙

made a moist and delicious DATE LOAF with my boy 💙

So on this cold and snowy day of APRIL…❄❄ Nathan and I decided to make a warm and moist date loaf, smothered in butter and devoured with a cold glass of milk… mmmm just perfection!  I love this little guy who always pops in the kitchen to help out and steal some kisses in the meanwhile 😍

We make this date loaf quite often since we all love it so much and it is quick and easy to make (recipe below). It takes me about 15 minutes to whip it up and pop in the oven (makes 2 loaves).  The recipe is from a cookbook I always keep handy Mennonite Girls Can Cook. (It is also available in Canada here)

But apparently they have a blog and just found the recipe today posted there too!! The only difference is that in their cookbook they bake it at 325° F for 50-60 minutes (which is how I make it), and on their blog at 300° for 1 hour. Just use the toothpick method either way to make sure it is cooked through.

Oh boy, is it ever moist and rich from those softened dates… My family LOVES every little crumb of it  🍞😄

Ingredients & directions (makes 2 loaves)

– 1/2 lb chopped and pitted dates

– 2 cups brown sugar

– 2 tsp baking soda

– 2 cups boiling water

Put first 3 ingredients in a large bowl. Add the boiling water. Combine well until foam forms (from the baking soda), then let sit and soak for 10 minutes.

In the meanwhile, preheat oven to 325° F and grease two loaf pans.

After 10 minutes are up, add to the date mixture bowl the following, and combine well:

– 2 eggs

– 1 tsp vanilla extract

– 1/2 tsp salt

– 3 cups of all-purpose flour

Pour the batter in the prepared loaf pans. Bake in the oven for 55 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the centre of the loaf comes out clean. Let sit in the pan for 5 minutes before turning the loafs out to cool more. Serve warm, with butter and a cold glass of milk, or topped with jam, or simply with a cup of coffee.  ☕

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