DIY Resurrection Easter Eggs ~ celebrating Easter through the eyes of our children

DIY Resurrection Easter Eggs ~ celebrating Easter through the eyes of our children

DIY Resurrection Easter Eggs ~ celebrating Easter through the eyes of our children

Easter is a very special celebration in our family as we remember Jesus’s death for our sins, and also as we celebrate his miraculous resurrection.  Because the Easter story is not so easy to explain to young minds, I find that through the resurrection eggs advent, I can tell the story one day at a time in a way that is not only comprehendible to my children, but also engaging and fun!  Year after year, my kids cannot wait for me to pull out those colourful resurrection eggs, and each evening they open one egg, we read the Bible verse(s) and find a symbol of the Easter story hidden in there.  Literally, when the Easter story is told to them this way, they actually fall in love with it, and with Jesus too! Now that just melts my heart…

We use 12 plastic eggs for the 12 days of countdown to Easter.  This way they can just be neatly kept in an egg carton, that can be decorated or spray painted in whatever colour you’d like. I used an Easter basket for the past few years for each of the kids.. So we basically we have 3 sets (as each child likes to open his/her own resurrection egg). Each egg is numbered from 1-12 to indicate the days.  In each plastic egg, we put an Easter symbol, such as a nail, a piece of soap, a thorn, a rock etc. as well as a Bible verse that we read together relating to Easter.  Then lastly, on Easter Sunday the 12th egg is empty, signifying that the tomb where Jesus laid was empty!

It is actually a really fun and engaging way of retelling Jesus’s crucifixion, and it creates conversation with your kids about Easter, and about Jesus. Yes we all love the Easter egg hunts and have happy memories, but the true meaning of Easter has nothing to do with Easter bunnies or egg hunting. We celebrate Easter because of Jesus, and I will make sure that my children will always remember that… So today (12 days before Easter Sunday) was the first day of our Resurrection Eggs advent!

What you need:

– 12 plastic eggs (craft store, dollar store)

– egg carton / basket

– Bible verse(s)

– small things to symbolize Easter for each egg

I collected the ideas from several places… of what to fill in each egg. You can check out Want What You Have blog (I love Heather’s blog) for a quick tutorial.

If you are late at starting this, don’t fret. I was too 4 years ago when we first started, but didn’t give up! We simply opened 2 eggs until Easter Sunday! The kids never objected to that, I tell ya (haha!)

And my heart is filled with so much joy when I know that my precious children understand the real meaning of Easter and what Jesus did for us.

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