Great reads for your Child’s young heart ❤

Great reads for your Child’s young heart ❤

Great reads for your Child’s young heart ❤

Our children (and ourselves) just love reading… ❣ And not just any kind of plain reading, but great, engaging, sometimes even life-changing stories or books. Every night they ask for a book to be read to them, which became of course a ritual in our house. I also created a personalized daily reading log each child, where I checkmark if/what they read each day, and I make sure they have one half hour of reading time a day – including the March break..! They were actually complaining to me the other days: “But mom, it is March break! We are supposed to have a break from reading… We read so much at school…”  Never mind that. I explained that reading is actually fun once you start it! They did, and kept flipping the pages and actually enjoyed their books. So from the hand hour daily mandatory reading time, many times they go for much longer than that, especially if it is a good read. AND they get to carry their book on the car rides, if it is a longer drive (without me asking!).

I also like to choose which books they read. I buy them the books and keep adding them to our library, so that we always have something ready or awesome to pick! Instead of wasting time on video games (which we do not own), or instead of playing games on their iPods (which I recently greatly reduced their time on – 30 min a day), they are expected to read or cook, or do craft work, play or do something with their hands/brain. As a result, they too realize how much more fun that is instead of wasting their time on useless and lonely games.

My daughter, Miriam, for example has been spending hours on preparing some actually very cool craft activities, and birthday pinatas for Nathan’s 4th birthday, which is still 1 month away! I love it when I see them have fun, be creative, read books, and dream…

So back to reading… here are only some of the books from our favourite book collection that my kids enjoy reading. 🌞

 The Children’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos.

This Bible is a true gem.. It is so easy to understand, and so complete at the same time! And not only do the kids enjoy it, but so do we… It uses simple language to depict the Bible, and it is appropriate for quite a wide range of ages: 4 to 12 years old! I also ask the 2 older kids to read one chapter on their own too, and ask them to write down a specific paragraph / verse that I choose in their notebooks.. This way not only do they improve in their writing and spelling, but the Scriptures will also stick to their minds and hearts. They actually look forward to writing down Scriptures, book paragraphs, or prayers… Probably because it is a hands on activity, or because they are responsible for their own notebook and their writing, or because the words are indeed uplifting and encouraging.
 The Cul-de-dac Kids series (books 1-6) by Beverly Lewis

The Cul-de-dac Kids series (books 7-12) by Beverly Lewis 

Let me tell you, that my kids simply adore this series! We own each and every book. The storyline is so much fun, adventurous and age-appropriate for the kids. I can wholeheartedly recommend these God-send books to all parents of young children.

Summerhill Secrets (vol 1) by Beverly Lewis

Summerhill Secrets (vol 2) by Beverly Lewis

These 2 books are my daughter’s all time favourite! She read them first time at age 9. It is a very well-written and clean read, but it also depicts life issues that teens/people are faced with. It is a story about a 15-year old girl (Merry) who follows God’s law and grows as a teenage Christian in the midst of it all. Each one is over 500 pages, and she read them both twice! Yes, they are that good! Every Christian teen should read these.

The One Year Be-Tween You and God: Devotions for Girls by Sandra Byrd

We bought this wonderful devotional as Christmas gift for all the tween girls in our church! It starts with a statement, thought or question to God. It brings forth questions that sometimes girls do not have the courage to ask because they are so personal or so odd. But they realize than no question is too personal or too odd at our God’s throne. They get strong Biblical answers and encouragement that brings peace to their hearts!

You’re God’s Girl: A Devotional for Tweens by Wynter Pitts

This devotional is so uplifting for the girls who in this stage of life are questioning themselves (how they fit into this world) and question the world around them. It also teaches your daughter the value of alone time with God, the value of being a good friend, and addresses issues that they face now. It brings so much joy to a mother’s heart, when she sees her daughter pick up the devotional and getting close to God without being asked to.. It just brings joyful tears to my eyes sometimes.

Our Daily Bread for Kids by Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley

This is a great devotional we use as a family with our children in the evening. It has life-changing wisdom that is not too preachy or boring for your children. It brings about great family discussions, and, again, I use it for the kids to write down in their notebooks any paragraphs or Bible verses that I find uplifting for their young hearts.


 One-Minute Devotions for Boys by Jayce O’Neal

This pocket size, hardcover devotional is my son Jason’s favourite! He pulls it out in the evening and begins reading one page, then he keeps flipping to read more and more! When I see my 7-year old child just not getting enough of it, not getting enough of God’s love, mercy and wisdom… I just melt away in awe and gratitude.


I hope you and your children enjoy some great reading, and grow in wisdom in this busy world.

What are some of your favourite reads that are helping your children grow?


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