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🌷 Mission of motherhood 🌷

🌷 Mission of motherhood 🌷

🌷 Mission of motherhood 🌷

It’s been on my heart to share with you my fondest thoughts towards my all time favourite Christian author: Sally Clarkson.

Her writing has changed my life and view on motherhood through her book Mission of Motherhood.  I recognize that God was the one who orchestrated me finding her book, which showed me what a significant job we mothers have in God’s eyes!! Wow, just mind blowing compared to the degrading cultural, workaholic and materialistic views on being “just a mom.” 

We all claim that we know how to serve like JESUS SERVED US. Well, Sally has thoroughly dissected the act of serving, and she explains through Biblical reasoning how important it is to serve, not where I would get the applauds or immediate recognition from a public audience, but to serve right here in my own home where the recognition is not immediate, the award is not at all public, and the served ones are my little ones… Hmm, to me that for sure is mind blowing.  Servanthood is when you give your very best in the interest not of your own, but of the one being served. Servanthood is hard work and that is what Jesus did for me and you!

It was Sally’s influence for me leaving my full time nursing job to part time (a job I really enjoy), moved out of the big metropolitan city, decided to build up my home into a happier home, and my kids calling me “the best mom ever” – of course, after reading and practicing Mission of Motherhood and understanding what my calling is as a mom.

I urge you. Do not waste another day. Borrow from the library, buy or find this lifechanghing book. I always keep extra copies handy to give as gifts to new moms, baby showers or moms with kids!  I am so so happy that I can share my joy of motherhood with you, and below I will quote Sally’s son letter to her mom, which I found on Sally’s blog a month ago. It brought tears to my eyes and a deep longing to want more to offer in this journey of motherhood. And to be able to offer more of me, more patience and more love, I must first receive and fill myslef with God’s love!  Get a box of tissue ready, ladies!

Hey, sweet Mom,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for living the kind of life you led. I realize now I really did have the best mom in the world.

I never knew how much it would mean, that in the mornings as we spent time reading the Bible together,  how much those words would guide me as an adult. You always believed in me and gave me a vision for living my life to the fullest. Spending time being my friend when I know you had a zillion things to do meant more than you will ever know. 

It was the feasts–every night, no matter what we ate, candle light and music and talking and talking.

Saturday night pizza and movie nights.

Bedtime rituals every night with back scratches and stories and one mama song

Washing dishes to Christian rock music to make it easier

Taking me into your room with hot chocolate and mama Nathan times to tell me how special I was.

More things than I can count, but, Mama, I always thought our home was the best in all the world place to be and you made it that way be being an artist of life.  

As I am here in Hollywood, I see so many prodigals, searching, lost and hurting, because most of them have little support or love from home. I can’t tell you how honored I am to call you my mom. The work of moms really makes a difference!

But honestly the most amazing thing to me is the 30+ years you have given your life to serving God, by taking the time to serve all of us. I am so blessed to have you, and the work of your hands will pay off forever in HUGE ways. 

Thanks for choosing the hard path of raising me, and putting up with all my “things”, and loving us enough to give up your whole life.

Love you, mama, you are the best!


I cling to this letter to remember that somehow, God took my faith and imperfect efforts to love and raise Nathan to be strong and healthy, and by His grace, He worked beyond what I could ask or think. Stay faithful, sweet mama. Your labor is not in vain. 

Excerpted from Sally Clarkson’s blog 🖋

I hope you have a blessed week, and I pray that you will be encouraged and filled with God’s grace, strength and love so that you can embrace this journey of motherhood in a different light, and so that you can understand what a high calling we mothers have. Hang in there, know that you are not alone, and know how important your mission as a mom is in the long run ❣


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