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Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Family Traditions
Family Traditions
Family Traditions
Family Traditions
Family Traditions
Family Traditions
Family Traditions

Family traditions are a big thing in our family. I believe that these are strong pillars that tie a family together and that shape us into who we are and what we believe in. Our children remember and look forward to each of the following traditions, which makes our family life even more exciting! Some of the traditions I have cultivated from my family while growing up, which mean a lot to me, and others I have learned of along the way…

Daily Traditions

  • Eat dinner together
  • Hold hands at dinner table, and at the end squeezing the other’s hands and together saying “I love you” (which is true and makes us smile)
  • Bible verse jar in the evening

Weekly Traditions

  • Saturday movie night
  • Sunday tea time with fine teapot, pretty china cups, and cookies…
  • Friday date night (kids off to bed early/sitter)

Monthly Traditions 

  • Date out with each child

Yearly Traditions

  • Birthday hat
  • Birthday table cloth (I sewn myself)
  • Birthday plate for the birthday person
  • Ballons and lovely homemade decorations on birthdays
  • Cinnamon bun with candle for the birthday person at breakfast
  • Big bouquet of flowers for our daughter on every birthday
  • Take a picture by the school door on first day of school
  • Summer road trips
  • Camping
  • Celebrate end of a good school year with a special dinner out, or a movie out
  • Resurrection eggs at Easter
  • Christmas advent book
  • Watch a special Christmas movie on Christmas Eve (we like to watch the Nativity Story, and It’s a Wonderful Life)
  • Make sugar cookies before Christmas
  • Special holiday meals: Cabbage rolls for Christmas dinner
  • Christmas gifts go under the tree on Christmas Eve only

Other Traditions

  • After every dentist appointment, take out the child for gelato / ice cream
    • Easy to eat if they have a local anesthetic, and they get to look at the dentist appointment in a different light. That’s what moms are for… Tricks to get things done peacefully and in a fun way, when possible!

These are our family traditions, which became so ingrained in our way of life… I would love to hear what your family traditions are like!!

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