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🌸 Mom’s Housekeeping Routines 🌸

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🌸 Mom’s Housekeeping Routines 🌸

🌸 Mom’s Housekeeping Routines 🌸

Dear mamas,

As I go about my day today with my delightful coffee flowing through my bloodstreams ☕, with a busy and sweet 3-year old constantly at my feet 😊, and plenty of housework to keep up with… I thought I would share with you how I learned to keep myself and my home a little more organized than what it used to be after having children…! (Before we had kids, our home was spotless, but that is another story, another life haha! This is the real life here and now, and loving it!)

I began working on my personal routines in order to free my head from the constant to-do lists, which were many times overwhelming, unrealistic or unachievable! Now that I have a schedule and a routine for each day of the week with realistic and manageable assigned tasks, I don’t have to keep worrying when or how I have to get them done as they are already scheduled and they will get done at some point during the week. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t always keep up with each and every task, such as when one (or all!) of the little ones are unwell, something unexpected comes up, or I am scheduled to work that day.

I actually began using a routine about 8 years ago, when my daughter was 4 and my son was just a few months old.  I was in a desperate search for ideas, advice, help on how to keep my home tidy and less cluttered! Almost every day our home was in such an untidy state, even though it was clean and everything, that the cleanliness did not even show through the mess and clutter. I then started to feel guilty, angry and ashamed of myself. I even have pictures with my sweet little kids and a huge mess surrounding them. Before our second child arrived, my home was in good order, schedules in place, and I felt good about myself because our home was a pleasant place to live in. Then our sweet and chubby boy came along, and I was already busy with making healthy meals for my family, taking the kids out to the park, catching up with the never-ending loads of laundry, keeping my husband happy, keeping my cluttered home tidy (or so I thought) 😔 and trying to catch some much needed sleep!

So this state of desperation and longing for a pleasant and inviting home drove me to the online search engine.  And that is how I found a very helpful website that literally changed my life!! If you have not heard of it already, it is  This resourceful website has taught me to take baby steps to successfully declutter  and reorganize my home and myself, slowly pulling me out of the drowning and suffocating CHAOS! It taught me how to keep my kitchen tidy and my sink shining! Well there really is a whole lot more I learned but I was determined and I decided to continue taking those baby steps. If you are one desperate and overwhelmed mom, or someone who just needs some extra ideas on how to keep more organized, I really encourage you to check out that website! I fell in love with the site because it was so fruitful in my household, and so I decided to purchase the FlyLady BOOK as well which I still have and keep handy 🙂 If you don’t know very much about me…. I have an obsession with books and music… I cannot declutter in those areas.. and I don’t think that I ever want to or will, but I do keep them neatly organized.

I really love the feather duster as well, which my kids jump for to use mostly when helping with their chores.

So if you are wondering, here is an example of my own personal routine which is written down into my planner, as that is what I look at on a daily basis. When you do the same routine, after a while it just becomes automatic.

🌺 Beatrice’s Basic Weekly Routine 🌺

📝Monday – Groceries, car clean-up

📝Tuesday – Bathrooms

📝Wednesday – Bed sheets; Water indoor plants

📝Thursday – Vacuum/mop

📝Friday – Mirrors, doorknobs, remotes, computer keyboards; date night

📝Saturday – Family day / movie might; nail clipping (kids)

📝Sunday – Lord’s day; menu planning & grocery list for next week

There are more detailed and organized charts, ideas and advice on the Sink Reflections book, which would take a lot for me to explain and write down here, but if you are taking even simple baby steps, your home will become a more organized and pleasant place even with little ones around.

If you also have a successful weekly routine or ideas which are helping to keep your home into a pleasant sanctuary for your family, please share it with us! I hope you have a wonderful week!

You can check out the FlyLady book and remember to take baby-steps so you will not burnout and give up.

Hugs to you!

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