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Gratitude prayer

Gratitude prayer

Gratitude prayer

A beautiful prayer that I found, and that I like to keep on my wall to remind myself to be thankful for what I have, instead of wanting to have more… instead of focusing on the negative around me, instead of drowning in the daily chores and mundane day to day responsibilities… I choose to focus on the blessings.  By choosing means that I have to make a mental and physical effort in the way I look at things.  I choose to bring it all to Christ. I choose to start my day with my Beloved who never tires to hear my pains, my needs, my frustrations, my joys.  I think this short little prayer is a great start for a busy woman’s day, when you actually read each line with purpose as you pray, instead of rushing through it.  Prayer can give us the needed encouragement and redirect our focus on the things that truly matter most.  It can give us hope in times of despair and I hope that this prayer will also bring light and blessings to your day and home too.

Thanks upon Awakening
By Paula E. Kirman

As I open my eyes I offer these words:

May the day ahead bring blessings and joy to all whom I encounter;

May I have strength and wisdom to counter any challenges;

May the words I speak be chosen with thought and care;

May I always give thanks for every opportunity;

May I remember to be grateful for everything

The good and the bad, the big and the small.




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