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Welcome to my little corner!

I am so glad you are here to join me on this crazy, wonderful, busy and worthwhile journey of motherhood. With 3 kids on board (11, 7, and 3), a home to tend to, meals to cook, lunch boxes to prepare on a daily basis, one-on-one dates to plan, a part time job, a wife to my awesome husband, Sunday school lessons to prepare, singing in our church worship — all of my life’s activities, chores and responsibilities sure do make this journey sometimes a little challenging.  BUT at the end of the day I come to realize how blessed I am to be be a part of it all, and how I should not take life for granted, but to live one day at a time and to ask God for His wisdom, guidance and the necessary energy to “build my house” and not “tear it down” with my own hands.

I am far from being the “perfect mom” (and that’s a fact) if there even is such a thing of perfect mom! And my intention is not to be a perfect mom because I know right from the start that I will fail. There are many days when I really just cannot manage doing everything that is on my to do list, or the whole day’s plans simply change, because something seems to come up. And that’s life!

However, I strongly believe that we (moms) were put on this earth for a very special reason. And that is not to be perfect, beacause if we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus’ help and salvation. And we were given our children as gifts from above not to perfect them either, but to help them grow one step at a time into responsible and caring people.. Even though sometimes we don’t think or believe that anything we tell them would actually stick to their brains (!), they will remember our words, which will echo in time, and as they grow they will live and pass down, with God’s grace, the values we tried to instill into them. Motherhood really is a work of art, it does take time and patience, lots of perseverance, and plenty of time on our knees. And no, most likely we may not reap the harvest right away, but time will tell and how gratifying that will be!

I really love the saying “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” because I believe it is true!

We mothers have so much influence over our children, and ultimately we hold strong influence on the events through our children! Not only are we created to be psychologically, emotionally, physically and instinctively inclined to be receptive to our child’s needs, we have the capability to instill the best in our kids! Where else will they ever have that close of a vulnerable connection that began at birth other than with their own mother?

Let’s not waste our time comparing ourselves with other moms, or comparing our kids with other kids, or comparing our husbands with other husbands! Find the uniqueness, qualities and talents in your child, and find time in your busy schedule for reconnecting with him/her by building and encouraging them to grow into those gifted talents by learning what their interests are, what they are good at, and what they really enjoy and excel at doing. Every child has talents.  To create and build on that close relationship with your child you need to invest some time into it by playing together, snuggling, reading, talking, listening to their dreams, patiently guiding and correcting them, praying together and teaching them to bring it all to the throne, where there is always a Listener available and a Saviour in time of need!

My goal for this year is to work (“working” takes time, it isn’t instantaneous) at becoming a more patient mom, who is available to attend to my kids’ emotional and physical needs, and to fill my cup with Jesus’s strength and wisdom! I hope and pray to yell less, to breathe before I talk, to spend more time with my kids instead of my Facebook circle of friends.

Some other ways we do family around here are:

💠Daily family dinners around the dinner table, not in front of the screen or the iPhone!

💠Bedtime Scripture or kids’ devotional reading

💠Hiding the Bible In the minds and hearts → Bible verse memorization (4 times every day=1 week to memorize a verse, plus I am memorizing too)

💠Outdoor activities together: going to the park, playground, biking, walks, camping, playing outdoor sports/games, fishing, hiking.


💠Gazing at the moon and the stars

💠Looking at old pictures of them or videos (sooo much fun!)

💠Playing card games, board games

💠Saturday movie nights on weekends with popcorn/pizza/chips, and cuddling together (our kids look forward to this on a weekly basis!!! It’s a very firm a family ritual now! We have an expanding sofa bed in our family room for this exact purpose! It’s so much fun to be together and just snuggle)

💠Garden together (our kids love watering the plants, and picking the vegetables

💠Cook/bake together

💠Be silly together

And this my friends, is far from being a perfect mom! This is being a mom who was once a kid and who craves to spend time with her own kids…. yes you need to let go of some tasks on your to do list, or learn to reorganize the lists a little more to leave some space on there for family time… it is so worth it! Your kids won’t be kids for much longer.. Just count backwards and you’ll see what I mean 😌

I am so thrilled to hear your ideas or experiences of how to reconnect with your children! The list may be endless, yes, but when we share them they can be a source of makes us encouragement and eagerness to try new things to do together to build our family, our home.


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I'm a blessed wife, mom to 3 kids, and nurse to labouring mammas. I love music, singing, reading, cooking, gardening AND sharing ideas and personal experiences to help moms build happy homes. My hope is through this blog to bring encouragement and down to earth ideas and advice for the mom's soul on this journey of motherhood.

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